DIgital Displays for RETAIL

O ur technology and options for customization for retail and business are vast. Our Digital Displays can be used for getting information, sales, pricing menus, and more to your customers and/or clients. You can use our displays to:

~ Complement POP displays (integrated end caps, free-standing displays, shelf-edge)

~ Advertise products sold in-store (wall- and ceiling-mounted displays)

~ Improve in-store environment/aesthetics (branded content, entertainment, check out channels)

~ Back-room sales training


We provide multiple options for Digital Displays to educate and market to your customers.

why choose sigma?

Commodity delivers first class customer service and dedication to all of our digital display clients. We use the most up to date technology, equipment and software that allows you to ultimately save money without losing your effectiveness for communicating pertinent information.

Yes. We have a dedicated support and tech team that is always available for your needs. This includes both emergency and scheduled service. We can be reached by phone and email.

Because we have a strong reputation with our vendors and over 20 years of service, working within your budget is what Commodity specializes in. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

Digital Displays are extremely user-friendly. The platform is intuitive using a Windows-style formate. Once installed, we train your staff on how to populate and activate all information.

our core skills

new tech & design
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dedicated support
updates and service

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